comedy and tragedy masks on a red velvet background

Stratford Festival Treasures Tour:
Costume Warehouse and Archives

**Please note: Tours for 2024 start June 18.**

Come and see the tour that has been over 70 years in the making! Explore, reminisce, and discover what decades of theatre history looks like as we take you through our Costume Warehouse and Archives. Our Guides will walk you through “history in the making” as you learn how each prop and costume has defined our past and continues to revolutionize our future here at the Stratford Festival.

Usage Details

  • Free admission for up to 2 people (additional tickets can be booked on the Festival's website)
  • Pass is valid only on Tuesdays from 11am-12pm
  • Tour season runs from June 18 - October 22
  • Each tour lasts one hour and is accessible, but please note that there will be no opportunity to sit or rest during the course of the tour. Photography is restricted in some areas
  • Please arrive 5-10 minutes before the tour's start time

Circulation Details

  • The pass must be signed out an adult WPPL card for a one-time free admission and you will be given a voucher to present at the Costume Warehouse
  • The pass must be borrowed within 7 days of the tour date


Costume Warehouse and Archives