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Delivering books to your doorstep

What is Home Delivery Service?

The Home Delivery Service (or HDS) is available to West Perth residents who are unable to access the library to browse and borrow or to retrieve their holds. Their inability to physically access the building may be temporary or ongoing.

Residents or their caregivers may request the Home Delivery Service if physical access to the library building is problematic for them.

How to get started

To request the Home Delivery Service, a library staff member will assist a resident or their caregiver to complete the Home Delivery Service Request Form, with reading preferences and contact information. Once a request is approved, a volunteer* will deliver materials directly to the resident within West Perth. Or, a friend, relative, or caregiver may pick up and deliver the materials instead.

*For safety reasons, library volunteers will deliver materials to the doorstep only, and cannot enter private dwellings.

Delivery of materials

Library materials are delivered once per month. A start date will be arranged with the individual who is picking up and delivering the books, whether it be a library volunteer, or a friend or relative of the resident. Materials will be picked up on the next delivery date when more items are delivered.

How materials are selected

When the resident or caregiver fills out the HDS Request Form, they will be asked for reading preferences*, such as favourite genres, subjects, and authors. They will also be asked about preferred formats, such as DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, large print books, or braille. Library staff will do their best to include these preferences in each delivery.

*Please note that Express materials, special collections (community passes etc.), or items with shortened loan periods due to hold lists are not included in HDS deliveries.

To Register:

Home Delivery Service Request Form [Online fillable]

Home Delivery Service Request Form [PDF]

If you have questions, please contact the library at 519-348-9234 or email askwppl@westperthpl.ca