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West Perth Public Library supports lifelong learning, and welcomes the opportunity to help students meet their educational goals. The Library offers exam proctoring for a fee of $25 per exam, based on availability and staffing.

Please note: The Library cannot guarantee a silent, private, or distraction-free setting. It also is not responsible for unforeseen interruptions of an exam due to loss of power, loss of Internet or wifi service, inclement weather, or emergency situations.

In-person exams:

Students’ responsibilities

  • Confirm that the Library's exam proctoring service meets the requirements of the educational institution issuing the exam;
  • Ensure that the exam is delivered to the Library a minimum of one (1) day prior to the exam;
  • Arrive fifteen (15) minutes prior to writing an exam, with valid photo identification, to pay the proctoring fee and complete any pre-exam procedures or paperwork. Scheduled exam times will not be extended past the allotted exam time due to the late arrival of the student;
  • Do not bring personal belongings into the exam area beyond what is stipulated on the exam guidelines;
  • Pay all costs associated with the delivery and return of the exam, including printing, faxing, postage and/or courier costs. Provide a self-addressed postage-paid return envelope if one is not provided by the educational institution.

The Library’s responsibilities

  • Receive, secure, administer and return the exam to the educational institution;
  • Verify student photo identification;
  • Periodically check in with the student during the exam. Library staff cannot provide direct one-on-one supervision of the student for the entirety of the exam;
  • Mail or fax the completed exam in a timely manner. Library staff cannot be responsible for completed exams that do not reach the educational institution by the deadline date.

Online exams

  • Students must use their own computer devices as per the educational institution’s approval, and must install the proper software prior to the exam. Free wifi is available in the library building;
  • Library staff cannot offer any technical support for issues arising with online exams.

Scheduling an exam proctoring session

Exam proctoring is available Monday-Thursday at specific times during the Library’s regular hours of operation. Exams must be completed within thirty (30) minutes of closing.

To schedule an exam proctoring session, complete the Exam Proctoring Service Request form [online fillable]

OR please call 519-348-9234 or email with the following information:

  • Name of student;
  • Name of educational institution issuing the exam;
  • Date and time request;
  • Format of exam (written or online);
  • Number of hours allotted to complete the exam;
  • Any special accommodations required.

A minimum of ten (10) days' notice is required to schedule an exam proctoring session. Please allow 2-3 business days for a response. Forty-eight (48) hours advance notice is required to reschedule a session.