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Pick up a map at the library to follow an outdoor route to read a story. Follow page by page around downtown Mitchell storefronts to read the book, then finish at the library to hand in your map for a chance to win BIA Bucks!

What: On my swim by Kari-Lynn Winters

When: until the end of August

historical photo of West Perth Public Library

Heritage Hikes

Pick up a pamphlet at the library. Learn about the architectural past and cultural heritage of West Perth, while you explore Mitchell.
This hike can also be accessed on the municipality's Heritage and Culture page.

Heritage Hike pamphlet link.

When: Always available!

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Constructors Cupboard

Come in and play with our collection of LEGO, Magnet tiles, Keva Planks, Dominos and much more!

When: Open access, any time the library is open.

Where: West Perth Public Library, Program area on 4th level

board game with playing pieces

Games Cabinet

Pop in to the library to meet with friends. Play a game, do a puzzle or learn how to play chess.

When: Open access, any time the library is open.

Where: Alcove on 3rd level

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Scavenger Hunts

Pick up a scavenger hunt to do in the library. Once finished, come to the desk to receive a ballot for a chance to win a prize.

New scavenger hunts added at regular intervals.

When: Any time the library is open

Where: All over the library!